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Port Growth Partners provides funding and growth advice to innovative companies looking to be market leaders in their sector.

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Our Vision—


Port Growth Partners provides the foundations for your business to become a multi-million pound market leader. Our decades of experience in building highly successful companies means we have the solution to every challenge you face.


We provide financial and expert support that takes companies to the next level. Our expert team aims to transform your company into a multi-million pound business through funding, access to round-the-clock advice and marketing, sales and customer success expertise.


We believe businesses should offer a service that can help others for decades to come. We ensure your business has the fundamental infrastructure in place for sustainable growth, with flexibility to adapt to changing trends and demands.

Martin Port is one of the great entrepreneurs of his generation and, most importantly, he is also a great human being – and he brings both of these aspects to his work every day. He is brilliant at identifying opportunities, he is endlessly curious about people and about how to make things better and he is relentlessly creative and determined in overcoming obstacles.


Richard Warley, CEO BigChange

Our values—

Social purpose

Our commitment to social responsibility is embedded in everything we do. We believe entrepreneurs and business leaders have a responsibility to be environmentally sustainable, to encourage diversity and to support their local communities.

Exceptional customer service

We work with people who prioritise exceptional levels of customer service. By making it easy for customers to get in touch, this will lead to loyal followers and boost sales through repeat business.


People are at the heart of business success. We work with people who place the needs of their people and customers above everything else in business. We actively seek and champion disruptors who are developing solutions that benefit society and the economy.

Great relationships

Above all, we believe the key to business success is to develop great relationships with your team, community, customers and others around you. Working with Port Growth Partners means you will benefit from direct support from our expert team and wider network of advisers.

— News & Insights —

News & Insights—

Why kindness is an entrepreneur’s greatest asset

25 May 2023

Why kindness is an entrepreneur’s greatest asset

I’ve been in business for a long time. Long enough to remember the bad old days. Entrepreneurs were seen as ruthless, money-crazed workaholics, who used the language of warfare to describe growing a business. “We’re going to kill the competition” “Take no prisoners” “Here’s the battle plan” These stereotypes were perpetuated by the likes of […]

Your company is a Premier League side

18 May 2023

Your company is a Premier League side

Your company is a Premier League side, and your salespeople are your strikers

Attention! Je viens à Paris

11 May 2023

Attention! Je viens à Paris

My ambitions for BigChange have always been global, and 2019 was the year that we began expanding across France, Greece and Cyprus.

Be passionate. Be honest. But don’t be a bully

27 April 2023

Be passionate. Be honest. But don’t be a bully

Bullying. It’s a word that’s rarely out of the headlines these days.

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