BigChange became corporate partners of Transaid in 2018, providing funding, auction prizes and organising events to raise the charity’s profile.

Martin is an ambassador for Transaid, which works with partners and governments to solve transport challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. Its goal is to transform lives through safe, available and sustainable transport.

It has been a pleasure to work with a charity that shares so many of the same core values and has the same “family” feel.

Find out more about some of BigChange’s work with Transaid here.

The Focus Foundation

Focus Foundation logo

The Focus Foundation, founded in 2021 has been established in Manchester to transform the lives of adults with learning disabilities and those on the autistic spectrum.

We also offer bespoke support to physically disabled people and recognize that many of our members will face mental health challenges.

One of our crucial aims is to give people maximum control over their own lives and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect at all times.